Rabu, 19 Agustus 2015

Decorating Colour Ideas

If this speculation to change the decor of your home and want to select for a minimalist style but appreciate sterile, cold and unwelcoming, do not worry. Here I leave some tips to create a cheerful and warm decor with just a detail of color.

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It may be a little bolder as it breaks with the contrast of a color-neutral in the room decorations or various spaces of whether home. Always keep in mind the following; being elegant is not synonymous with minimalism and do not need to put aside those warm or intense colors.

Details for decorating

Combine colors. If you choose white color as the main tone of the decor, it is a great idea to combine it with lavender, because that way the decoration will be more stylish and modern. The white color also can be combined with the green color if you do not like the color lavender, with a cozy combination that is achieved.

On the other hand, a beautiful piece of furniture in the portion of the pad is violet and the wood has shades of gold, is very attractive to put on a cute monochrome room.

This is not the unique mix of tones is very important that you choose the combination Berry chord or combine with accessories and furniture, that way the space will look more attractive and inviting.

Focal point of the decor. If you've decided to paint her room white or monochromatic tone, then I highly recommend choose or specify what will be the focal point of all the decoration. The focal point may be a wall, furniture or the fireplace, it is important to draw attention.

Notably, the focal point can be any object that is within the space, object or thing you choose for the focal point does not have to be painted white, the ideal is that it is painted the color you like and that really be the most attractive of all the decoration.

Tips for decorating with color detail

* To give a touch of color to your monochromatic room without doing much work, unpainted walls or without buying furniture, I suggest you put in your cute bedroom pillows or cushions that are colorful.

* Just putting a simple detail like a nice cushion, achieved an incredible change. What you should do is to choose a pad that is a color that is contrast to the decor. You can choose colors like green, fuchsia, yellow, turquoise or color you like as long as they combine with the decor of your room. So if you have any more ideas , you can visit another page on Homeselegant.com . Enjoy!